date Sep 2022 - Dec 2022 
TEAM Individual Project
BobbinBand is an interactive music device turning bobbin lace making into a MIDI control system to make bobbin lace more accessible to larger audiences.
Crafts like bobbin lace are losing their appeal among the younger generation because they take a lot of time to learn and make, and have lost their functionality in modern life. The process of learning bobbin lace is particularly time-consuming. Not only are the materials tedious to prepare, the resources needed to learn on your own are difficult to obtain, and it takes a lot of time to find and correct mistakes when weaving. How can we make the process of learning more accessible and bring the craft to a wider audience?
BobbinBand uses the principles of bobbin lace making and incorporates popular music game play to provide a new rhythmic way to learn and promote bobbin lace making.


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