date Jan 2023 - May 2023 
TEAM Individual Project
Technology advancements have revolutionized the way we create, shifting from traditional crafts to digital design and now to AI-assisted generative design. However, as we spend more time in the digital realm, we may question if these innovations have disconnected us from the physical world. How might we bring physical sensations back to our creative process and mediate our relationship with technology?
Promptac is an exploratory kit that discovers intuitive ways to communicate with generative AI through physical sensations. Integrating a tactile interface with AI, Promptac helps your creativity flow as you get inspirations from the physical world, feel the touch of materials, and freely craft your ideas with your hands.
In addition to bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences, Promptac also attempts to minimize the reliance on text input when generating images. Most of current generative AI applications rely on natural language-based interfaces, and require explicit textual descriptions and precise modification of prompts. By reducing this reliance on text, Promptac has the potential to benefit individuals with disability in text communication, fostering inclusivity of technology in the potential future scenario of widespread usage of generative AI tools.
ELLE Decoration | Material Futures Special Edition 2023 | 7 Nov 2023


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